Strategic Counsel

Creating Success Strategies

Rapid industry changes have intensified the search for new strategies. A major challenge is matching opportunity with the philosophy and objectives of the company. DCG assists clients to assess their options and develop a tailored strategy, and provides confidential, balanced, and independent counsel tailored to the needs of the individual CEO.

DCG adds value by assisting clients to:

  • Stimulate innovation
  • Create options
  • Explore and refine concepts
  • Objectively validate or benchmark business concepts and plans
  • Minimize the risk of being drawn into narrow solutions
  • Serve as an experienced support team to help implement change

DCG maintains active and extensive relationships with industry leaders, regulators, distribution sources, and investor groups. This perspective can be a valuable factor in the balanced strategic judgments so crucial in a dynamic business environment.

Our Strategic Counsel team members include James DeHayes.