Our Affiliations

Breakthrough Financial Solutions, Inc.

With Jim DeHayes as the sole owner of Breakthrough Financial Solutions, Inc. we are able to bring new and innovative product solutions to the market in a retail setting through licensed producers. One key area for Breakthrough is our focus on delivering expert advice to customers seeking a mortality hedge to their portfolios by means of a longevity annuity product.

A+ Life Insurance

We have partnered with a former executive of a major U.S. rating company to educate consumers and agents on the details of insurance company ratings. We also offer strategic counsel to insurance companies in need of assistance in managing the ratings process.

Life Support for Property & Casualty Agents

Show your P&C agents how to broaden their knowledge of life insurance products so they can confidently sell life insurance to their customers and boost their sales!

E-Commerce Solutions

DCG can prepare the research, analysis, and testing services to assist E-Commerce leaders more effectively execute their online retail businesses to meet changing customer needs. Our strategic planning services empower retailers to be proactive in identifying and improving their current weaknesses to improve online presence by reaching more customers in targeted segments.