Distribution Revitalization

Client Value

If your strategic distribution objectives include reducing cost, increasing agent productivity, and achieving profitable growth, DCG, through its Distribution Revitalization program, can assist in the following:

  • ­Select market segments which best fit your profile.
  • ­Develop distribution systems with high appeal to the selected segment.
  • ­Source new distribution channels targeted to that market.
  • ­Identify pressing consumer needs and expectations.
  • ­Guide your present agents in capitalizing on the new opportunity.
  • ­Expand into new markets, including endorsed/association customer-based strategies.
  • ­Custom design a distribution program which utilizes present strengths and builds toward future growth.
  • ­Distinctly differentiate your company from the many potential competitors.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

DCG assists companies in meeting their specialized marketing and distribution objectives through a customer-focused, needs-based approach. By capitalizing on a client’s strengths, DCG encourages innovative approaches to distribution.  DCG works with clients to:

Build efficient, controlled distribution, focused on specific niche markets where higher agent productivity and profitability can be obtained.

Access emerging markets by targeting a specific consumer segment and supporting the development of new products and sales systems.

Differentiate themselves from the competition through a customer-driven marketing approach that sets clients and their distribution methods apart.

DCG has successfully created market niches for our clients where competitive advantages can be maximized and sustained.

Facing the Future

In light of numerous growth, profitability, and competitive challenges, financial services companies are faced with evaluating their distribution channels, implementing change where needed to achieve corporate objectives.

Each client’s approach is unique to their culture, market position, and growth goals.  The decision to re-vitalize or improve distribution strategies could provide a jump-start in every area of a company’s infrastructure.

Successful DCG clients have accepted new marketplace realities and are focused on reinventing – rather than just reengineering personal sales approaches to win in this new environment.  Innovators who are decisive and creative are designing the playing field for the future.  The key is differentiation.

DCG supports clients in building viable, cost-effective distribution channels that creatively address customer needs.  We tailor each engagement to fit each of our client’s unique set of goals and strategies.

Service Portfolio

DCG’s methodology involves a total approach that emphasizes productivity and features the following distribution specializations:

Identification of New Distributors

Building a client’s current distribution program involves assisting with locating established producers with a track record – including managing general agencies, individual agents, and MGA or large producer groups.

Supplemental Distribution Channels

DCG understands that identifying channels that are promising, yet do not conflict with the primary distribution system, is a significant consideration for our clients.  Our wide industry experience is an asset as we help clients explore and grow into new markets.

Direct Response Marketing

The technique of penetrating known marketplaces in order to increase the amount of coverage for each customer is a challenge for every financial services company.  DCG assists companies to build effective marketing programs that are custom designed to leverage the strengths of our clients. We support each client company to increase the potential of its entire portfolio of products and to develop and enhance customer relationships.

Database Marketing

DCG’s philosophy includes the belief that effective database marketing is the foundation for all marketing efforts.  A successful distribution system flows naturally from an updated, state-of-the-art database.  DCG helps clients organize and analyze their current data to increase and identify new opportunities for distribution.

Career Distribution Profitability

DCG assists in the development of supplemental products and helps businesses identify and secure new distribution channels.  Our support includes assisting with increasing agent productivity, maximizing market penetration, and utilizing alternative approaches to build repeat sales.

Endorsed Market Development/Controlled Distribution

DCG guides clients through the process of gaining endorsements and generating profitable, incremental sales in one or more association/affinity markets.  DCG’s assistance in establishing endorsements with affinity groups can include designing a program to maximize the value of the new market channel.

Professional Experience

DCG’s distribution team has practical and broad-based industry experience which contributes to a successful, well-integrated practice.  The difference is in our implementation expertise.  DCG goes beyond the written report – we work shoulder to shoulder with you through the entire process and beyond.  DCG’s goal is to fully support our clients by establishing defined niches where competitive advantages can be maximized and sustained.

Our Distribution Revitalization team consists of Dennis CrossPaul McCadam, and James DeHayes.